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Originally Posted by azjenny View Post
I'm confused, why did you even seed it if you weren't putting anything in? If nothing is being added to the tank aren't you going to lose your cycle?
It was my mistake. I was going to try to get the tank set up quickly but I got sidetracked with programming my light controller. It's just been empty for about 6 weeks so I shouldn't have even bothered with the seeding and just let it cycle itself. Oh well.

Originally Posted by skystrife View Post
I'd bet he's adding an artificial ammonia source (like household cleaning ammonia) to keep the bacteria colony around.
I did try with rotting shrimp and also some fish food. It turns out the fish food might have had nematode eggs in it because I got an outbreak of little white worms but they've gone now. I also added in some urine . It worked well, the next day I had a bacteria explosion that clouded my tank. But the water smelt and I've emptied it a few times since then. I'm not presently adding in any ammonia source (clear / pure ammonia is restricted in Australia so don't have access to that either, I'm just relying on the dying snails to supply this now).

Originally Posted by auban View Post
pour carbonated water (seltzer water/club soda) into the tank.
Thanks for this info. I might try this. I want to lower the pH a bit (it sits at about 8.2 now) and was waiting until I got my pressurised CO2 but I think a seltzer tablet will be very easy. Does it just carbonate the tank? It doesn't release anything else into the tank does it?
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