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Originally Posted by james1542 View Post
77F should be fine. Get him fat and sassy with those live foods and then the small size NLS pellets should work good (or the flake works too). I'd go with tetras over barbs, just like to avoid pangea tank whenever at all possible. You could get real crazy, and try to find tetras from the rivers that Aggies inhabit in the wild. But get him some friends to feel safer, and get him a cave of some kind to hide in, even if it's just an old coffee mug-for now. He's probably too concerned with his safety to eat well.

The way the drift wood sits, its propped up on a rock, creating a mini cave he sleeps in at night. Last night he was up and about exploring the tank, like "oooo whats this?" It was rather cute.
This morning hes down by the plant hiding in it.

I wouldn't mind doing tetras, if I could find something with the similar color of the cherry barbs, that where easy to get my hands on.

I don't want to deal with shipping, as between work, and school, I will more than likely not be home with the shipment arrives, and there is no one else home to deal with it.

I'd love to get some Ruby Tetras, but the only place that I know carry's them locally is Aqua Forest in Japan Town in SF, and that's a bit of a drive for me.

Cardinals, I'd love too, but they are about 5$ a fish around here, and all the shops that get them in have had rotten luck with getting them in alive from the seller.

Neons, I already have in the other tank, I dont want to do two tanks of them.

I may pick up some Orange Von Rio Flames to see how they do.

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