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@KyGylal, I've never found a grocery store chicken that has the skeleton intact.
Darkblade48, sorry about that, the picture is being sort of picky. You can see the skull pretty well in the top picture...
@sapphoqueen, that's one way to give your pet a burial at sea! I personally wouldn't use bones from a pet cat, it just feels kind of odd, but that's just my two cents.
I'm going to a fish store later today that usually has some large fish, and they just got a shipment in recently. They usually have one or two fish arrive in not-so-good shape, so I may get a fish skeleton...
My adventures in keeping Indostomus crocodilus, the crocodile toothpick fish. AKA armored stickleback, paradox fish, and freshwater pipefish. Care is (to the best of my knowledge) exactly the same as Indostomus paradoxus.
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