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I have hard, PH 8.water. The first time I tried Otots, I dripped them for an hour, then put them in an empty qt tank. The tank had little algae and no visable diatoms. Just a few potted plants. I tried waffers, spinach and zucchini. They would pick at it but not eagerly eat. They all died. The next batch I dripped for 4 hours and put directly into an established heavily planted tank. They almost immediatly started cleaning the glass etc and chowed down on waffers etc. After a month, I moved their fat bodies to a community tank. Since the collection methods for these guys is so rough and they dont travel well, it is important to treat them with care, People say that Otos are sensitive and hard to keep. This is only true at first, Once brought back to health, they are very hardy. Again, consistant water paramaters are the key to success.
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