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Is she less than thrilled about your roach collection? If so, I'm impressed that she tolerates it.

Thanks! I really hope the species becomes more common/popular. I've never kept either of these species before, but they're both considered pretty hardy I think. Millipedes are pretty low maintenance.

Most species have similar care (excluding special cases like desert-dwelling species). They like about 75% humidity, and they need a layer of dirt to burrow in. The pinkleg is arboreal so he's supposed to have some branches to climb on (though the ivories are using them much more).

They're somewhat social and prefer to be in close proximity to other millipedes, and you can generally mix species without issue (though they may eat each other's eggs).

They mostly eat rotten leaves/wood. They also appreciate soft fruits/vegetables. I've been feeding them apple lately, but I hear they LOVE cucumber. Cuttlebone and dry dog food are also considered good supplements.

A lot of species are basically pet holes. Mine are most active around midnight, but my preferred bedtime is 6 AM so this is less of a problem for me.
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