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Originally Posted by laqu View Post
how about a video feed for some of the meetings, i homeschool and my daughter dances (a LOT) so getting anywhere is hard... though she dances near fish stores (bonus!)

i just have 'baby' tanks as my family is not into it.

@Axelrodi202 i wish my daughter was into it... LOL
An interesting idea. Back in Nov 2009 the club set up a 150 in my boss's office. (It no longer exists sadly, my boss retired and the new one did not want the tank.)

There is a report about the meeting where it was set up and one of the members secretly set up a time lapse video and compressed 8 hours into a few minutes. It is kind of comical.

The video is also here if the link does not work for you.

There were a lot of emersed plants available at the meeting today due to the tear down of two of Ken's tanks. Some really miniature stuff. A lot of submersed ones too.

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