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looks quite promising once it grows out... as for the Cyano, my best advice is to just let it grow. Don't remove it by hand, don't reduce the lighting, and definitely don't do any water changes. It sounds somewhat brutal and counter-intuitive, but it's the process that has worked reliably for my innumerable times in the past. Just set the tank up and fill 'er up with water, and let it sit. The cyano should grow like crazy at first, then grow even more, densely coating everything in the tanks and forming a net over all the plants and substrate. But eventually it will have used up the available nutrients in the water column, or get to the point where it grows on top of itself and suffocates that which is underneath it. In other words, the bowl will have reached the maximum amount of cyanobacteria it can support. After this stage, let it sit for a couple weeks more and it will start to die off. You can tell when this happens if the sheet disintegrates when you poke at it. From then, use airline tubing to suck all of the algae off the plants, it should easily come off and be sucked into the siphon. But be sure to save your water- fold over a couple of paper towels and put them over a separate container to form a filter to catch all the bacteria, algae and nasties, then add your cycled water back in. I've set up many bowls in this method, and though nearly all have had outbreaks to begin with, after this cycling method i've never had a problem with any type of algae or bacteria again. Just remember that in such a small system, the most inconsequential-seeming amounts of water really count for a lot, and even a few cups changed may initiate a re-cycling spree. (this is why I only top off, no wc). Once balance is achieved, you must stick to it.
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