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i think they are really cool.
surprisingly tall though, since its an emersed plant, it doesnt need to reach above the water, but it just grew a huge spike anyway. and the spike kept elongating even after the flower bloomed. i have a few teeny tiny bugs that have found there way in and probably live off of decaying plant matter. im wondering if maybe some of the flowers will get pollinated. really would depend on whether or not e. parkeri will accept its own genetic material as a pollen source (i know some plants require a different individual of the same species, and cannot pollinate its own flowers). same goes for the crypts.

yeah, but then im constrained with room, so it cant really get all that bad (i hope). now im anxiously staring at my itsy bisty c. hudoroi, which is as a whole plant smaller than my thumbnail (did grow 1 leaf so far though, ha).
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