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Keep everything as is, get a kit to test ammonia nitrites and nitrates. Or go to ur lfs and get the water tested. If you have no ammonia, or nitrites in the water you have a mostly cycled tank. Then you only need to fix ur plants. Those bulbs are great unless they're more than a year old. Figure out which plants you have and then go look in the sticky forr the low light low tech plant discussion. Those plants are perfect for your tank. You don't need to add much of anything else other than to probably reduce nitrates and get more compatible plants.

Btw it seems you have java fern, java moss, and some small crypt. They are good low tech plants, be sure to pull the rhizomes of the java fern out of the substrate so it is not covered. The rhizome is the stem part where the leaves and roots sprout from. Get co2 only if you want to. But most recommended is that you should get a mechanical timer to control the lighting. They should be 6 bucks or so at a hardware store.

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