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That is good to know. What kind of styrofoam is it? The pink stuff is a very fine grain and is much easier to deal with. I did some of the larger, rougher objects with some white styrofoam that came with some packaging but the grains are so large that the styrofoam crumbles.

Perhaps if I used a heat gun or melted the styrofoam that wouldn't really be an issue.

I'm looking into ways to seal the concrete (I'm not sure how much it needs) but some of the products I was looking at are as follows

Here is a list of a few of the items I was looking at
This seemed promising until I looked at the warnings label

Rustoleum Leak Seal Clear Spray (I have a feeling a spray can isn't healthy but I don't know enough to make an informed decision)

I'm very hesitant on both of them. The warning labels and ingredients list don't seem to fish friendly. I was told on another forum to avoid ethylene glycol (I'm about to look at the MSDS for it)

EDIT: The way the building materials are controlled legally (well not controlled) many of them don't need to report an ingredients list (which is not a good thing IMHO but also necessary to protect the company...but what about me? Anyway...). I was looking at the MSDS sheet for the Bonding Liquid (first link) and the ingredient is a trade secret. However the melting point is 32deg and boiling point is 212...with a specific gravity of 1. Hey! That sounds just like dihydrogen monoxide! That chemical is responsible for 100% of drownings. Too much of it will kill you and too little of it will kill you. That's some dangerous stuff!

On anther note the smell description says "ammonia smell". I wonder if there's ammonia in the mixture (not that it matters because i'll be soaking it for awhile and testing the params) but still interesting to note.

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