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New 65G Plant and Fish. Please Comment on Plan.

I just got a new 65 gallon tank and I would like to try my hand with some plants. I'm looking for simplicity and wouldn't mind keeping the price down as well. Below is my equipment list.

65G Tank (36.4"L x 18.4"W x 25"H)
eco-complete plant substrate
AquaClear 70
Aqueon 200W heater
Finnex FugeRay Ultra Slim LED

Fish Stock
I'm still deciding but I would like to move my Rubber Lip Pleco out of my 26. Will he eat my plants? Other than that, I'll likely have a lot of neon tetras, and a few other tetras, guppies, catfish and mystery snails.

I'm going for low light and no CO2. If I can swing it, there are a couple of sword plants I like. I really like Java Moss too.
It will also have at least one sizable piece of driftwood, perhaps two.

One problem area is the very large volume of natural light that come into my house. I had an algae problem with my 26 so any thoughts about that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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