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Originally Posted by Betta132 View Post
I think it looks great the way it is! If you aren't happy with the left side, maybe just thicken the plants a bit or add some wood?
A fairly easy way to catch small bottom-dwelling fish is to make a bottle trap. Here:
I suggest baiting it with frozen food. FYI, the easiest way to get the fish out is to just pull the two pieces apart underwater.
I would also suggest adding another otto or two, as they seem happier with company. Maybe you could add Endler's Livebearers when you get the cories out?
Thanks a lot! Yeah I'm looking to change that left side just because its not very attractive. I could possibly find a way to thicken it, I'm not sure what with. Also, that's a great way to catch them! I will give it a shot. I don't really like keeping live bearers with my gourami (he's aggressive), so I will try to find something else - I already plan to get another Otto.
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