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Hair or Stag or BB?

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if this is the start of hair, stag, or BB algae?

I am ei dosing a 10 gallon tank (pressurized CO2 [on 1 1/2 hrs before lights] Aquatic Life T5 HO 2x 18W Bulbs for 6 hours), moderate Nitrates because its the end of the week, but otherwise 0 Ammonia and Nitrite. The algae started when I got my new lights. My CO2 is cranked up and I have extremely soft water (if hardness matters). I plan on implementing a GH booster when I do my water change tomorrow.

Any ideas how to get rid of it? I am going to try the 1-2 H2O2/Excel treatment tomorrow before my water change.

Here it is:

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