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My First 10 Gallon Tank

Hi everyone! This is my first post here.

I just wanted to stop by to see if anyone had any suggestions for my 10 gallon tank. This is my very first planted tank and it has evolved into a bit of a jungle.

Tank Information:
10 US Gal
Aqua clear 20 filter (100 GPH)
50W Aqueon adjustable heater
Glass Up Aqua Nano Diffuser
Pressurized CO2 @ 1bps
Aquatic Life Dual T5 HO 20" fixture w/ 2 18W bulbs (one 6500K and one rosette one that came with the fixture)
Substrate: Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix w/ red clay mixed in capped with black gravel
EI Dosing (solution method)

A story about the fauna:
I have 3 Corydoras Aeneus who I bought at Walmart (my attempt at doing an animal rescue) a long time ago. Originally I was going to buy some at a LFS but the man told my girlfriend and I that their tank had ick, so we passed. We then went to Walmart to get some cheaper airline tubing and saw the same cories we wanted. They're now full grown and have bred twice. I have hatched their fry and am raising them in another tank but as luck would have it I dropped a few eggs when trying to transfer them to a hatching tank. The 4 eggs I dropped apparently hatched in the tank and are now 3 weeks old and 1/2 the size of their parents! This means I now have 3 adults and 4 juvies with my dwarf gourami and oto cat (overstocked, but as you can tell, not on purpose). The cories have bred again since then so apparently water params are on point still. The cories all school together and look like a happy family.

Here's my tank:

I didn't really have a good idea of what I was doing when I was setting this tank up, so as you can see, there are some awkward spots. I personally like the center java fern between the 2 pieces of driftwood and I also like the right side scape in this small aquarium (especially when all of the jungle Val grows in thicker, covers the heater, and bends towards the center like some are beginning to). What do you all think I should do to this left side? To the left of the java fern (starting right to left), the species other than DHG are: Anubias Lanceolota, Cryptocoryne Parva, Anubias Petite Nana (barely visible, but I'm using it to hide the roots of the crypts), Anubias Nana (far left), and spiral Val behind the last anubias that I am using to cover the filter - not working out because the outflow is stunting the growth.

Let me know your suggestions for the left side and what you think about my very first jungle! Also, if anyone has tips on how to get the evasive cories out and into another tank I'd appreciate it. I bought them when I was told they'd be fine in a 10 (by someone at a LFS, not Wal Mart), apparently they're not as small as he thought.

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