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Originally Posted by Perchance View Post
Thanks.. I should probably do a journal thread but I don't think my tank really warrants it. I'm seeing the beginnings of a PITA algae problem. It's A kind of green fuzzy hair algae covering way too many leaves now. Especially on the sword.

I've decreased the 'Midday' light period by an hour. It's not on for 6 hours and I though 5 would be better. By other lights which is just 2 bulbs (one blue one purple) are on for a couple hours either side of that.

I dose liquid fertilizer and liquid carbon which I'm wondering if I should cut back or not?

What lighting period would you recommend, also? I have an 8 bulb t5 fixture with separate controls for 2 bulbs and the other 6.
Originally Posted by Perchance View Post
Anyone? Is it too little light if I have a blue and red bulb on from 12pm till 12am and then a midday burst 4 hours long with 4 dayblulbs and 2 blue bulbs from 2 pm till 6pm? My red ludwigia (I think it is, the leaves are not as circular as most pictures,) and my Aponogeton Crispus aren't doing that well. Slow growth in the former, almost translucent leaves in the latter. I think maybe this is an iron deficiancy? But someone also suggested that too little light can lead to the larger gaps between leaves which I'm seeing in the ludwigia.

Yet at the same time, I'm having an algae problem and thus want to cut down the lighting?
if those bulbs are T5HO your over driving your tank and not dosing the other legs of the stool to keep things in balance. The liquid ferts and "liquid carbon" are not enough so algae gains an edge. With that much light you really need to have injected co2 and a comprehensive NPK fertilizing regimen. I would highly suggest you take a look into the fertilizer area of the forum and read up a little bit. The hair algae is not that bad of an algae to get rid of. Get the tank in balance and it will fade on its own. You can suck it off the plants in the mean time, or use something like algaefix (if you do not have any invertebrates in the tank) Tom Barr has done a pretty good job destroying the myth that phosphates promote algae growth, in fact it is a necessary fertilizer and can keep algae like green spot at bay. Everything in the tank must be in balance of algae has a chance at breaking though.
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