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Originally Posted by Perchance View Post
So, because I'm doing ferts and liquid carbon, am I doing too little of these to go with the lighting? I think I'm doing plenty of water changes. Though there could be phosphate in my water, and the test kid bugged. I read somewhere, maybe... Probably got this wrong, but that phosphate has seen to encourage flowering in apon. crispus plants.. Like mine is atm. Can't remember though. I might just cut down on feeding, but the lights on 10 hours and 4 hours midday burst and see if it helps.
True. I have my lights on for 9 hours. Phosphate in the water also encourages algae. What you could do is get a phosphate-removing resin (don't know what it's called, but I've heard the stuff works), and put it in the filter. I feed my fish once every two days on the assumption that in the wild, they spend a lot of energy finding a relatively small amount of food. Less is more in captivity, I think. Anyway, they don't seem any more hungry than when I fed them three times a day, and they're certainly healthy.

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