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Just a word of caution on RMS... They're not quite what they used to be. They're the only large and private guy in Cleveland that I know of, they do a good job with their stock, usually, and almost always have a strong selection (this was always my one and only source for things like plants, ottos and cool coreys, and wood pieces for scapes). But the help, there, went from close to expert to folks who are seriously just misinformed.

They have (or had anyway) a sweet planted tank to the right of the entrance that got me into live plants to begin with. And there were three guys there that got me started full bore. Two of those guys left, and the third worked hours I couldn't get in there for. Soon I was on all the wrong tracks (recommended I use copper meds for snails, just one example) and instead went to the web for help.

Also, if you are indeed looking for the products off the shelves (filters, wood, heaters, tabs, food, etc) get ready to be just about gouged.

I used to be content with the prices because their info, help and stock were simply fantastic. Then, I think, the tough times pinched 'em or something. They closed their smaller store in Strongsville just before the recession and just operate the one, now.
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