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if your in NJ... never mind... well if the NJ stores have it on sale maybe others do to.. fluval speck for under 50, and plant/shrimp under 100 with everything...

i'd go bigger then speck, i have some 2g and they take WAY more time then my 6 gallon.

i have the 8" aqua blue rimless (look cool) hard to keep (easy to turn into washing machine even with palm) and nothing fits inside ... go 12" if you can...

or the 3g long... THAT is a slick tank...

the aquatop 15 does fit the 8" cube if you want UV on a small tank you might

LOTS of media in your filter ...

i have 4 8" cubes.. so feel free to check out the photos for ideas and stuff...

1 6 gallon
1 2 gallon 8" cube
1 10 gallon endlers tank
1 betta

Here they are

6 gallon journal

you can see more photos here the 4 8" cubes are on flicker... will get to their journal at some point (they are fun as they change often)

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