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Co2 Permanent Tester

Anyone have any experience with the ANS permanent CO2 tester? (the little glass bulb that sits in your tank to watch CO2 levels)
I have a setup planted 50 gallon running a DIY CO2 system.
According to my calculations I could be adding more CO2 because my PH is 7.2 and my KH is 4.48.
This gives me 8 ppm for my CO2 (?). I read 30 ppm is a good number to be sitting at for plant growth.
However every morning I wake up my little ADS tester is yellow, which means too much Co2. I use an elite mini pump as my diffuser for my CO2 system, which turns off when my lights go out. So, although it doesn't stop the CO2 from escaping when it is off, it stops it from being pumped/diffused into the water. All that happens is a little bubble escapes and floats straight up and out.


Shall I toss the ANS or is there something else I should be looking at?

Thanks for any help you guys can offer
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