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Originally Posted by danielt View Post

What I'm trying to find out if there are others out there doing their own shrimp food. I saw there is a practice of feeding shrimp lettuce, spinach and other boiled vegetables but there is a risk of poisoning shrimps with pesticides.

There is always a risk when you put something in your tank, doesn't matter if its fresh veggies or not. I feed organic kale, baby spinach and organic zucchini. I buy organic (though that doesn't mean pesticides weren't used) and I use a veggie wash, then I boil them for 3-5 minutes. Separate out on a plate, put in the freezer, then put in a ziplock bag. With all that I feel safer in what I feed them. Kale is a favorite of my shrimps and higher in calcium than Spinach. Stinging nettle is their absolute favorite thing in the whole world, I have it growing at my farm. But all of the plants are dead right now from the cold weather and our fridge died this week wiping out hundreds of dollars of food....including the last of the nettle I had boiled and frozen. Grrrrrrrrr.

I'm about to embark on making some of my own food as well. I've got spirulina, axastanthin, fennel and a few other things in as well (that I can't remember off the bat). Will be using agar agar as a binder. Will be experimenting a bit to find the best texture as I like the foods that are more easily breakable, not hard as rocks. Once growing season starts back up I'll be doing a lot of things with the nettle

So you can make your own food, but feeding them veggies is a common practice in the hobby. If you are concerned with pesticides, grow your own so you know exactly what's happened with them along the way Boiling the veggies is a good way to get rid of any possible pesticides AFAIK.
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