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Originally Posted by Forumsnow View Post
Great looking pics Jaime! Those are some really cool looking shrimp, wish you the best of luck. So you are keeping them in more crs conditions than oebt correct?

Thank you! I generally suck at getting pics of these guys so I was tickled something actually came out somewhat in focus. The pH in that tank sits at 6.7-6.8, GH 5, KH 0-1. The CRS that are in there came from my other tank that ranged anywhere from 7.4-8.2. I had put them in a 6.5pH tank with a bunch of other CRS I had gotten in and they started losing white FAST and became very sluggish. The new ones (higher grades) loved the pH, just not these. I gave them 2-3 weeks to perk up but they never did. They just didn't seem to like that low pH. I put them in this tank with a slightly higher pH and their white came back and they just seemed happier in general. I'd like to have that pH sit right on 6.8 as that would make everyone happy I think. When I had the larger colony of OEBTs that's what they were doing best in and what they bred in., One of the ones I have left over is one that had berried, and I have one of her babies in there as well.

I'm just blown away how much blue are in a couple of these. And one of them has orange eyes...not glowy orange like an OEBT, but orange nonetheless. I haven't done the research on where exactly the OEBTs came from/developed from but a few of these I have to do a double take when I look at them and when I'm looking for my OEBTs. I don't know what generation tibees these are, but all of them look a little different from each other. A few are plainer, a few have the white stripes on the back, and then a few are these gorgeous blues. Anxiously awaiting the babies so I can see what those look like Since I only have 3 OEBTs right now, and two are females (only hope for male is the baby who is a few months away from being adult), I feel like these blue tibees still give me a chance to get some cool blue babies. And if I can do that and avoid the sensitive OEBTs I may go that route. But man, I DO love my OEBTs. Ahhh, it's a pickle I tell ya! LOL!
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