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Round 2 Promising Test Run

Okay, I called Dr Fosters & Smith to see if either of their other "compartment" auto feeders would work for what I wanted and I got someone who talked to tech assistance and said they wouldn't. So what did I do, I ordered one anyway, go figure.

I moved up in expense to the $39 Lifegard Automatic Fish Feeder by Pentair Aquatics. It's a plug in unit which said it could dispense dry medicine, sounds good to me. Got the unit today and 1st impression was positive. On this one the compartment container is held down with a screw in spring. I did a dry run and it seems to work. On the negative side the mounting hardware is junk but I managed to get it on the tank anyway. I've got it loaded up and I'll let you know how it functions in actual operation.

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