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Very inciteful! So their not related? I was worried by adjusting one the other would change as well. If I can adjust them seperatelyninthink I can do that. As far as the fish less cycle that's a no can do :/ my woman saw a bottle of ammonia on the counter 1 day and freaked out. She's very easy going but extremely protective of the kids. She read somewhere and had it happen in her family somewhere where exposure to pure ammonia can cause mild mental retardation even in small doses. So she threw it away and told me no. I do however have media for this tank in another tank right now seeding. And I'm gonna plant densely from the start and hope for the "silent cycle" my LFS told me they have all of their fish acclimated to our natural water with the exceptions if their discus'. But they sell RO WATER .29 cents a gallon. I'm planning in going 50/50 and I'm not using CO2 at all but I've been told to buy ferts but should I wait to see if I even need them? I was told to buy potassium nitrate mono potassium phosphate and trace elements forget what that was called
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