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Shrimp ghetto food


I'm a fan of DIY and all kinds of improvisations when a commercial product doesn't quite fit the bill.

In my country the LFSs are quite behind these "new" trends of keeping shrimp. They don't have any products meant for shrimp. Although they sell them, mostly neos and amano.

Long story short, I like to improvise with food besides various equipment. One path that I've taken is to create a food for my shrimp as I suspect I'm doing something bad feeding them typical fish flakes.

In this food that I'm thinking on making myself I planned to include: cellulose, clay, hemp flour, dried aquarium plant trimmings, algae based gelatin as a binder and chitin.

The ingredients I'm planning on buying from organic/nature shops as they tend to be grown in clean environments (so they say).

What I'm trying to find out if there are others out there doing their own shrimp food. I saw there is a practice of feeding shrimp lettuce, spinach and other boiled vegetables but there is a risk of poisoning shrimps with pesticides.
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