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Are my parameters "healthy"?

I am doing a low-tech planted tank haven't yet decided on plant species or fish species. All I have so far is the tank the substrate (flourite black sand) a heater and a filter. Still up in the air on what I need for lighting as well...back to the parameters. My GH is high I think at 11dgh and my KH is low at 4dkh. Will this sustain both plant and fish life properly? I understand by using half RO water I can cut my GH down to 6 or so but won't that also cut my KH to about 2-3? I'm getting lighting and wanna start aqua scraping in a few weeks so I really need to get this in check. If I do need to alter my water chemistry how doni do it safely? I'm also not planning on water changes. Maybe at first til everything balances out but eventually plan on only too offs
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