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Got the white Anubias in, they are in excellent shape.

Hacked the UG out and put into one section(where the downoi is in the above pic).
Tied some Mini Pellia to a couple of small pieces of wood to make dividers.

Moved the Downoi over back to the far Left section.

Moved the R macrandra back behind the main trunk, doing well back there.
Placed ther Ludwigia acruata between the Mimi Myrio and the downoi.

The L. sphaerocarpa is back where the R macrandra is.

I'll be getting some Elatine hydropiper sometime coming up in the next 2 weeks.
It will go in the middle front area.

Once the Rotala sunset grows out more, I might add that back to this tank somewhere. It was nice in the front where the Rotala macrandra is in the above pic.

Tom Barr
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