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Otos are constant foragers and their bellies should be nice and fat at all times :P Some otos will eat wafers while others will just ignore them. I think you'll need to experiment and figure out what your oto likes but it wouldn't hurt to grab some. Your fish will eat them as well!

Originally Posted by tomciu View Post
The water parameters that my kit tested for were safe, and 6 days had passed so I just followed what I read others online had done. I was also a little eager to at least get the oto as the algae was spreading. The Nutrafin came with the tank, and even questioning the product, I assumed that the plants would have definitely introduced some bacteria? I'm quite new to this so I would appreciate if you could elaborate what I should have done?

I read several times online that otos don't actually eat algae wafers but that seemed to be quite a debate. I've added some lightly blanched lettuce in with a plant weight, other than that I'm torn what to do based on the opposing opinions I've read. It seemed people on both sides had success.

Other than the oto and shrimp, would it be a good idea to eventually get other small fish? Tetra wouldn't work because I've read I need a minimum of 6, and my tank is too small for 6. I was reading that white clouds could be a compatible addition, anything else?
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