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Paradise city - Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

Update July 5th 2013

Hello friends,
Its been almost 6 months that my tank is running successfully
I have learnt a LOT from this tank. It is more like a learning step before making my dream Dutch tank. Since practical knowledge is far more important than theoretical (that too is necessary) this tank was really necessary for me to make.
I got my first flash unit some time back. I no longer hold a lamp with one hand and take pictures with other. LOL. It made taking photos so so easy. I can keep ISO to 100 which leads to great detailing.
Finally I got most of the eriocaulons that I wanted including sp. Thailand. Still searching eagerly for Erio amanoanum.

I know you guys are not going to read whatever I wrote above and will jump directly to pics. Haha.. Thats totally cool. Everything is in photos
One important thing that I want to share - Please dont copy the photos from here. Recently one sponsor of TPT used my picture without even mentioning the link or my name. Thats something I really dont like. If its for personnel or educational reason (posting my pictures on FB page being a seller of planted stuff is not educating), just write it in a comment and I'll gladly let you use it. I also put my photos on 500px which gives me their copyright. You dont wanna go in that copyright mess. So please dont copy photos without asking.


Aciotis acuminifolia; A wonderful and beautiful stem plant. Grows straight with a lot of side stems. Pinkish reddish top leaves look so beautiful. A slow grower

Nesaea crassicaulis- Another slow growing stem plant.

Difference between Syngonanthus sp 'Belem' and Syngonanthus sp 'Madeira'

One more. Belem on left and Madeira on right-

Syngonanthus sp 'Madeira'

Just a handful of Syngonanthus belem. Haha.. When I trimmed it last week-

I totally forgot the name of this plant. Any leads on it's ID ?

Rotala sunset and Rotala macandra magenta. (I maybe messing up the name). But it's stems are too soft to be Ludwigia arcuta.

Hygrophila sp 'Thai' or Hygrophila sp 'Brown'. And believe me it really looks brown.

Here's another marvelous plant. Tonina fluviatilis "Lotus Blossom"-

And it does look like lotus if seen from top-

After a trimming, every stem is shotting 3 side shoots. I trimmed 2 of those 3 so the plant can use its all energy to grow the single stem. Replanted the other short stems-

A bad pic of 2 side stems shooting from the main stem-

Recently got 3 riparium planter from Devin. 3 plants that I'm using are-
Asclepias, Hibiscus and Mangrove plant. They grow so so fast. But due to some reason the new growth in hibiscus is not so red. Maybe I need to put some root tabs in the planters.

Cryptocoryne affinis 'metallic red'. It was sunrise time and the lights were looking pink in Iphone.

Cryptocoryne bullosa 'Maradong'. Bullation is so so prominent on this one. Even more than hudoroi. Totally loved it-

Dont think that I'm exaggerating but Ammania sp bonsai is a weed. Every 10 - 12 days I take this much out. I started with 5 stems that Joraan sent me. Pardon the funny collage-

UG is doing great in my salad box emmersed setup. Once it'll be enough to fill 5x5" area, I'll take out staurogyne and put this in my tank.

Initially, this much of UG I got-

Gratiola brevifolia. All I could get was this single stem. But its growing fine.

Ludwigia sphaerocarpa. I know it doesnt look like google images or what Tom has, at all. And it is because it was grown emmersed. I just hope it becomes brown soon-

Something was happening to my Alternantheras. The leaves were having pin holes and then they will become like a net. Potassium was the problem. I was dosing it just the half what I should. Increased K and it took care of Ocipus and mini both.

My erio clan before the new additions- (Can we please consider Trithuria Sp. as erio Blood vomit!! Just coz it looks so similar)

Updated family -

What did I add ?

Erio sp. 'Ban ba wa'

Erio sp 'Thailand'. Much darker in color

A baby cinereum. Sean gifted me this one.

Erio sp 'Japan shiga'

Erio Aussie 2

Not much of documentation is available about these different species as they are still waiting to be given proper names. Sometimes their appearance tells the difference between the species and sometimes you just have to trust the seller and wait for them to grow and show the difference.
And just for this reason, I bought these plant labels. I know this sounds quite silly but its the only way to keep a track about what's what.

Wrote all the names. Even the ones that I know of. Haha-

In the tank they went. Just imagine my desperateness- I made a marker for Amanoanum too. There was a time when it was a very normal thing. Just in this january it was available. I know there are people out there with this plant. Please.. just one small baby is all I want..

My sieboldianum was getting too big. Look at that root system.

I had to divide it to make room for new erios. I was very nervous while doing it. I bought a new knife to split it. LOL.

It went well and both the parts have started growing again.

One more funny collage. It was some random collage making app on my phone that I used. In the center its sp 'Thailand'.

Another great BG plant is Staurogyne sp 'Bihar'. 'Bihar' is a state in India. One of my friend in India is searching for this plant in Bihar state since last 3-4 years. But he just couldnt find. It has become extinct from the Bihar state
Hygrophila pinnatifida which is also native to India has somehow managed to survive in wild.

Higrophila pinnatifida in it's natural habitat-
Photos are property of Akshay Khare.

In baby form. Haha

The stream where its found-

Crypt cordata in its natural habitat. Pure laterite makes the substrate-

See the veins here-


Blyxa aubertii in the river-

Check this for the complete expedition journal

Another very very rare specie that I recently got- Caloglossa cf. beccarii

After all of these plant photos, you want to see a FTS right ?
Not a great one. Plants are still recovering from last week's trim.

Lets talk fish now-

A few updated shots of Boraras brigittae. Just to show how fat they have become-
Look at this fat lady right after the dinner. Nowadays they have learned to gobble down small pieces of bloodworms or brine shrimps.

Aciotis acuminifolia in BG

It feels weird to see a deserted tank right after the trim-

Endlers are making rabbits go shy. Breeding like anything..

Males are getting more colorful-

Since my summer vacations are going on, I'm feeding them 3 times a day. LOL. Early morning - bloodworms, noon - mysis shrimps, evening- brine shrimps soaked in garlic. Thinking of adding blackworms to their diet soon. Costly they are.. White worm culture is about to get ready.

The same feeding regime goes for Epiplatys also. They bred once and then stopped. Maybe these guppies are eating up their eggs. I badly need more tanks

Epiplatys annulatus male

Epiplatys annulatus female


In this photo, I missed the focus from it's eyes. But still I like this shot. You can feel it's motion-

2 males flaring at each other-

Tiger shrimps. They eat anything but shrimp food. Goodness.. they are true wild ones. They eat bloodworms, they eat brine shrimps, they also eat micro pellets but wont touch shrimp food. Since calcium is really important for them, I drop some boiled spinach time to time in the tank. They sometimes eat it.

Hypoptopoma gulare. Oh boy.. this fish has made me so interested in catfishes now.
This photo is the best that I took of them. I was waiting for it to sit on this branch since a week. 2 days ago I woke up at 3 in the night to drink water and saw it sitting there. Immediately took out the camera and clicked this shot-

Chewing on cholla wood

A few days back I saw a guy selling bettas on FB. I contacted him and he sent me 2 males and a female. Conditioning them right now. Will start the breeding process next week.
Here are a few pics-

With black background-

The second male-

And now my most favorite photos. I can say this photo is the best photo I've taken till date.
Dario hysginon males-

I think those small co2 bubbles are making it more dramatic. What do you think ?

Over the sieboldianum-

Here's a 5.5G Vivarium that I made recently but had to sell coz of some random rule which says "Only 3 glass tanks in an apartment".

The inhabitants- Geosesema sp.-

Many people ask what lens do I use!! I use my 18-55 kit lens with macro filters on it. They are available on ebay for like $10.
This is what I have-

A gag that I made last year. LOL


Just to show how much surface movement I have to keep the biofilm off the surface-

A bit of Darios bullying amano, a bit of Madagascar lace, a bit of everything-

Feeding time for my fishes-

Huff... Took me 2 hours to write this update. I hope you guys would enjoy it. Let me know what you liked what you didnt like.


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