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Dang old threads...........

Bigbassbob, refigiums are more like plant filters for the freshwater people. Large macro algae mimic the fresh water plants in many ways, and then there are 40 odd species of seagrasses as well.
Unlike most reef people, the Fresh water p[eople use the plants as the scape, not just a utilitarian approach. A refuge can look very very nice or a planted marine tank can look as good all on it's own, it's not that popular, but you can find plenty of Reef Central forums.
ATS, use small microphytic algae and these can work on FW and Marine systems easily but they can be somewhat problematic for fresh water planted tanks.

Many, if not most planted tanks require additional NO3 from salts like KNO3. Fish waste alone cannot supply it. Even no CO2 tanks run low on NO3 IME.
Plants can and do take up NH4 from the water. Likely a typo on your part(I've been known to many plenty of those!). N2 gas they cannot take up, only bacteria can do that job for them.

Tom Barr

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