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Originally Posted by LB79 View Post
Sometimes the best way to achieve and maintain balance is to perform large water changes and add ferts and CO2. My tanks get overrun by algae if I don't put in the liquid ferts and/or the CO2 isn't running. The idea is to jack the plants' metabolism, and they will outcompete the algae.

So, because I'm doing ferts and liquid carbon, am I doing too little of these to go with the lighting? I think I'm doing plenty of water changes. Though there could be phosphate in my water, and the test kid bugged. I read somewhere, maybe... Probably got this wrong, but that phosphate has seen to encourage flowering in apon. crispus plants.. Like mine is atm. Can't remember though. I might just cut down on feeding, but the lights on 10 hours and 4 hours midday burst and see if it helps.
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