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Quick update.

Had 3 guppies die in the last 7 days or so. The first was my turquoise with a spinal defect, and I think that was due to the increased flow in the new tank & his inability to swim very well. The other two were my red-tail guppies, and I'm not sure what happened to either of them. Water parameters have been fine, the other fish all look fine, etc. Going to chalk it up to stress.

We increased the school of Neon Tetras significantly (by 12, up to 19 now), as they are a lot of fun to look at and the 7 we had were getting lost in the huge tank.

Our red tail shark "Bruce" is an aggressive chaser, but there is enough hiding places throughout the tank that I haven't noticed too many problems.

We added about 20 ghost shrimp the other day, most of them became Angel food heh.
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