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Originally Posted by Newman View Post
looks very nice and clean! The clado will subside eventually. back when i had it it my bowl i think it took about 1-2 months until it was gone. just regular maintenance, nothing special.
Thanks, I've been pulling it out monthly since the tank was new and it's been set up since December 2011, it get really bad if I let the plant grow enough to stop the water circulation, I think the nano filter just doesn't move enough water and I should have a second filter on the right side.

But this is my favorite tank, low tech, low maintenance, and almost free to keep running. I think is a year I've only cleaned the glass maybe 3 or 4 times.

Originally Posted by cableguy69846 View Post
Very nice. Those Crypts look awesome.
Thanks Cable, hows life in the great white north, I know that little girl is getting big and ripping the wrapping right off those Christmas gifts.

You can see I just butchered the one C. affinis, left center but I didn't want to pull the whole thing out.
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