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Thanks Fishykid! I appreciate the compliments! It's been worth staying patient with it, and it is a test of remaining consistent in the care and maintenance of the set up. It pays to not lose your head if there are small problems, like algae formation or something like that. Is never as bad as you think it is initially, just like anything else.

Hi Jiinx! Thank you!! It's been nice to see it start turning around and get the growth and color I was imagining. On that note, of course I had hoped (and had predicted) that the bottom part of the tank would catch up in aesthetic appeal to the top eventually. I hope that it surpasses the top, and I think that it will given enough time. I think that if you don't set out to achieve a step or two beyond where you left off the last time, you are underachieving. Never aim for something commonplace or ordinary, or do what someone else has already done, unless you can gain something from it, right?

Thanks for posting on the thread, both of you!
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