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I just blasted my taiwan moss to kill the
algae, and the moss is completely clean!
I have a different theory to how the moss
got the algae. Previously this tank was for
my hatchling turtle, and he produced THE
MOST waste I've ever seen in my history
of pets. (seriously) I think when I'm doing water
changes, the waste gets shot up and goes onto
the moss. While that happens, its probably too
much nutrients, so the algae started to grow on
it. I did a 90% water change... lets hope the shrimp
don't die... I didn't even notice how low the water was
until I finished. (LOL) I decided to take out all the
river rock, so it would lower the amount of algae
in the tank. Good idea? I decided to go with Otos
though, I don't want to harm my 5 berried Fire reds.
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