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Week Thirteen Update

It's been far too long since an update- with the holidays, sickness, work, and school starting again, I've just plain been too busy.
Anyways, much has changed in the past month. With new filter media, purigen, new algae scrubbers, and most importantly, Algaefix, most of the problems which plagued this tank have receded or altogether disappeared. Water is again crystal clear, spirogyra is gone, and diatoms and crazy green algae have receded drastically.
HC has grown in fairly well, not a complete carpet yet, but I've come quite a way. You can see I had to retie some riccia. This was due to a trimming mistake, and I used fishing line this time to ensure longevity.
Also, I added two amano's, but both mysteriously disappeared within a week..

The Two Little Fishies scrubbers are pretty great. They do their job well and make the whole process very simple. My only complaint is the magfox pipe scrubber doesn't fit in 3/8" tubes like it's supposed to. I'm considering cutting it a sliver smaller so it will..
In the near future I plan to purchase an ADA Spring washer for my lily pipes, as well as Do!Aqua Scissors and Pinsettes, and add fauna to the tank. I'm hoping I can find the Boraras and Pygmy Cories locally, but if not, I'll have to buy online.

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