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Thanks hydrophyte,
I was thinking to try some Cyperus umbrella sedge, any in stock? What about the cat palm? Didn't you used to sell that?
Yeah, I really liked my leather fern! The one you sent me was really nice, do you have any bigger ones, or can you suggest a source?

Since she ate the other plants, I did slide the planters up higher, letting water wick itself up. I am going to slowly lower them and hopefully she will just ignor them sooner or later. She seems to know what's within her reach, I'm sure the Ruellia and Mangrove are safe, but I am still being careful.

As for the trellis raft, yep, that's just something to climb on. lol You gave me that in a RAOK, I may just RAOK it again to someone who can currently use it.

I was researching some other plants too, so I'll get it to work, just gotta do some trial and error.
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