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Ithaca- Moving/tank breakdown sale

If you're willing to pick up from Ithaca, I'm breaking down 5 tanks soon and want to gauge if there is any interest from this forum. This is what will be for sale:

29g with hood, filter
29g with hood
10g with hood
5g acrylic bow with cheap blue stand and hood. Scratched tank.
Whisper 10i filter
Whisper 10
Tetra 30 filter
Tetra 20 filter
eco-complete mixed with some play sand and a little pea gravel
natural pea gravel, and pebbles, some black-coated gravel
fake plants
Low light plants: lots of anubias, crypts, dwarf sag, jungle vals, java fern
10 pieces of small and medium malaysian driftwood
An aqueon water changer python thing, but it the adapter leaks when attached to a faucet
LOTS of foods, such as lotsoffish samples, numerous samples of fry foods form lotocha, hikari foods.
Maybe a few red cherry shrimp
A few longfin white cloud mountain minnows
1 shortfin brown bristlenose pleco
2 kuhli loaches
1 african butterfly cichlid

I also lots of neglected houseplants! Lots of leggy succulents in terracotta pots. Lots of empty plastic and terracotta pots.

If you would be interested in this sale, please let me know by posting. I want to see what people want to buy before I break all the tanks down.

I wouldn't have broken down by tanks until April, but my pet bunny needs to be spayed, so this will pay for her surgery! She gets precedence over the tanks

Thank you
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