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No, the point is to get the SAEs for a fish tank, never for a shrimp tank. they will grow up to 4" within the first two years probably. they start out roughly one inch or slightly more when you buy them. at that stage they are the best functioning algae eaters. they will tackle just about any algae. otos are pretty useless in comparison and are way weaker so they can't get much outside of some brown diatoms and other film algae.

SAEs will not be aggressive if you get 5 or a group of them. they keep to themselves, and dont bother other fish at all. they're rather skittish too. They are not as a aggressive as flying foxes and no where near as much as the infamous chinese algae eater. SAEs are not aggressive at all when they're young. I really recommend them to anyone with a large enough tank with plants for algae control. you probably can't get better fish for algae.

o and the max sized ones i saw were barely 7" likely very old too by the time they get to that kind of size.
otocinclus are good to permanently house in a shrimp tank i think...
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