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Been about a month since my last update so I thought I'd share some pictures over the course of the month and a half since the 40 breeder display has been up.

Some changes have been made since I last updated so I'll start with the lighting. Firstly, the second fixture has worked great. I now have 4x39w over the tank. The first ballast (which is giving better light output) comes on at 12:30pm and goes off at 10:30pm. The second fixture comes on at 2:45pm and off at 9:30pm

I was having GDA due to the increased light and trying to dial everything in, but reducing the light cycle and upping co2 seem to have put an end to it.

I got a chance to check par values on the fixtures I have over the tank, and what I found was interesting. For par output, the Corallife bulbs (colormax, 67k) produced ~25% less par than either the Aquatic Life 10k, or Wavepoint's Tropic Wave. Par under the second fixture is about 85 at substrate while the other is around 115.

I also upgraded the regulator on the system to the Milwaukee MA957 with a glass diffuser. Co2 comes on at 11:00am and off at 9:30pm. No drop checker on the system. I raised co2 levels till fish showed signs of stress and dialed it back slightly.

Fertilizing is still EI, but I have incorporated Osmocote root tabs (a lot of CSM+b and regular osmocote pellets).

Fish are the same, but flora has changed a little. I have added eriocaulon Parkeri and Cinereum, lindernia Rotundifolia "variegated," and rotala macranda. Plants are doing really well, especially the HC, limnophila, and bacopa.

Anyways, those are the details so now enjoy the action!
(and excuse the riccia rocks, they grow faster in this tank)

Set Up December 1, 2012

HC planted December 5, 2012

December 12, 2012

December 22, 2012

January 7, 2013

January 11, 2013

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