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Originally Posted by bkraz View Post
I've seen this Home Depot light referred to many times on here, now. I'm checking it out. It seems like it might be a little too much light, even, for what I want to do. I am just looking for a stable, low-tech environment. Heck, I still haven't ever used fertilizers ... if I could keep it that way I would love it.

The coralife fixture I used was their 130W aqualight with 2 65W 10,000K lamps in it. I have replaced the ballast twice and the wires twice. Every time I refurbish it I'm $100 into another light. Now I'm at this step, again.

So I'm scrambling, right now: Need some help
The key to any lighting is picking appropriate plants for the light you have. I've stuck with plants that can tolerate very low light and have not been in a rush to have them grow, so it has worked out well for me.

I've never dosed fertilizers and MAYBE do water changes once every 2 months if I'm lucky.

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