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Here's mine that is just getting started. The ricca mat actually started as a fissidens mat on black plastic craft mesh (the square hole stuff). a couple of little broken ricca fragments that hitchhiked from somewhere got in there, and just a few weeks later you can see the result Not going to fight it, just roll with it.

Bought some black sponge sheet (the coarse stuff for a Marineland canister, can't believe I paid $9 for a piece of foam, but I was too impatient to find an alternative, and the Fluval foam I had is white), cut to fit and shoved under the finger handles on the media basket. I'm hoping that this way I can keep my foam/bio/carbon/purigen media basket full with the planted part on top. Can always stop using carbon and use the space for more foam if the roots get crazy I guess.

Snipped the leading edge into a slot and put a few small Anubias rhizomes in the slot. They should send out anchoring roots into the foam and grow like they are emerged.

The leaves on top are some brand new African Violet clippings, should also grow roots into the sponge. Hoping the sponge will provide a growing medium that stays wet while providing a surface above the waterline so the crown of the plant won't rot. We'll see! If it works I'll have a flowering planted HOB!

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