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Returning. Videotapes.
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Authority=Stucture, perhaps NC? Most people need a structure to live by, which would include scheduling work and free time, and it would logically follow that there would be a hierarchy of those with more experience to instruct those with less experience; ergo, those would be placed into a position of wisdom and power=authority. Ideally-speaking, of course.

I would think that, as an adult, you can control yourself and keep certain ideas or attitudes somewhat hidden. Children cannot. I'm not sure that I would necessarily teach my kids to "obey," necessarily, but to be respectful even in disagreement. We are ALL in positions of "authority" in some way. You are in a position of "authority" with respect to your kids, right? Authority is not a bad thing; inflated Ego, power run amok, greed, and blind obedience are, but they don't have to equate to a definition of authority. Those in positions of authority that abuse it are the enemy. Those who don't are leaders.

Err.....also: I hope that you get this big guy up and running. And soon!
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