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Thanks for the response y'all. awwwww, shuks your too kind. If you only saw the algae now . . (20 days since picture!)

julesann, I did not silicone the plexi. I figured the weight of the substrates would keep the dividers in place. As far as staying divided . . . i guess it depends on how picky you are. there are probably 30 peices of fluorite that are scattered on the sand, and the border where they meet is blurring more and more all the time. I am almost SURE that a setup like this is not feasable over years of time, but thought i'd try it anyways.

if you DO try it, make sure that you put more sand in than fluorite. I mean, make the DEPTH of the sand greater than that of fluorite. ideally they would be equal, but err on the side of more sand. Otherwise the fluorite would storm the beach, as it were :P


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