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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
ok Randy, i apologize for missing this. first off, if that is o2 you have bubbling, dump it. it's raising your pH and causing a co2 deficiency. second, consider adding some form of carbon because that looks like the beginning stages of bba. it's either that or diatoms, in which case all you can do is wait it out as long as it takes for the filter to mature. the plants you have listed in the pic as java ferns are actually anubias. very important here, anubias and java fers/bolobitis, roots can be buried, but the rhizome MUST stay above the substrate. i tie mine to rocks so i can position them wherever i like. if i don't like the position, i just move the rock. otherwise, it is looking good. you can scrape tyhe fungus if it starts to intrude on the other plants, but it shouldn't harm anything. i do like the use of cotton wood, nice touch Teach
Hey Bill, thanks for popping in. So the air isn't straight 02, but I assume that air period is best to go? In regards to the BBA, I'm using excel, which I've read is a viable source in a low tech planted tank? Should I be increasing the dosage? I'm hoping to move a couple Horned nerite snails into the tank, which I've read are good for both the BBA and diatoms. So the plant is a variety of anubias rather than a thin-leafed Java fern thanks much, do you happen to know which variety of anubias they might be. I'll try tying them to rocks idea, I assume just tie them on and the roots will find their own way into the substrate? Appreciate the input!
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