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I'm pretty much stuck doing every thing in this 20L for now. With all of the fish in there, despite being a medium sized bioload, there is pretty much no hope for the parents to raise the fry. Plus the filter's are not fry safe and I don't really want to screen them off to be. So rearing them by hand is the only option. Once the fry are large enough to avoid being eaten by a large male bitaeniata, I plan to release them back into the tank to grow out. Basically they are in a custom built breeder box, with an inflow. The inflow is just an airline tube crammed up the output of a canister filter.

It will get complicated though, and I may need a lot more breeder boxes, as the the T. candidi femlae is spawning like every 3 weeks, and you can only mix diffrent spawns that are relatively close in age. Plus the incubating eggs need their own chamber, as do the sacfry.
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