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This is the first time I've see sand and flourite together. Did you silicone the plexi? I am starting a 20 gallon. I know that the sand would be better for my panda cory's, the clown loach I want to buy (rid my snails damn it!) and the clown pleco I have. Maybe this would be a solution - since I'm not fond of the orange substrate anyway.

Does it stay divided like that without much work?


TANK: 27 gal. Flourite + Florabase, Eheim 2222, 9W turbo twist UV, CO2 via Milwaukee regulator, glass diffuser, Coralife 55x2 (4 wpg), LED lunar moonlight.
FAUNA: 2 Panda Cory, 3 Dwarf Otto, 2 Yoyo loaches, 1 Clown Pleco, 1 Dwarf Gourami.
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