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Originally Posted by waterwookiee View Post
I'm glad my water is soft rather than hard, however what to do to harden it a bit? Being this is my first foray into plants, is basic sodium bicarbonate good enough?
Hi waterwookiee,

First, thank you for posting your results. Eco-Complete Floramax has been known to have an effect on PH in the past as well.

When you say you want to raise your hardness are you referring to dKH or dGH? If dKH adding bicarbonate of soda will do the trick; here is an handy calculator I use. If you are referring to dGH, I use Seachem Equilibrium and use their dosing calculator.

Tom Barr, one of the more knowledgeable individuals in our hobby, indicated he didn't worry too much about dKH as long as there was sufficient to avoid a PH 'crash' when using CO2. He did say he targeted a dGH of about 5.0.

Hope this helps!

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