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Did some trimming and rearranging, and thought it would be good to share some pics! The water looks like it had lots of debris, but those are all bubbles!

I did not trim the N. crass, but I did carefully separate and spread out the stems, giving them more room and exposing more pink leaves:

My lace bulb is growing nicely!

Whoo hooo! Baby Downoi are starting!

I know I will have to keep trimming the larger leaves, but I am loving the color of this lily:

Anyone know what this cryptocorne is? I picked it up as a straggler:

Ok, so it is not an orange-eyed-crystal-bumble bee-kong, but it is still a shrimp!:

My cheater non-African catfish, Corydoras sterbai:

The only silver lining from losing all the rhombo barbs to ich, is that I was able to find some of what I actually wanted in the first place Barbus fasciolatus:

The baby Pelvicachomis taeniatus - they are only about 1.5"-2" long, but their coloring is starting to come in beautifully:

And finally, the mighty Congos!

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