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And the verdict......

Ok, tests have been run.

Tap water just pulled ph-6.3, gh-5, kh-1
24 hour old tap water ph-7, gh-7, kh-1
Tap water with petrified wood ph-7, gh-8, kh-4

Tank water with Floramax Midnight: ph-7.6+ (maxed out test kit) gh-8, kh-4

Tank water with new substrate (mix of Flourite, and natural standard gravel)
Ph-6, gh-6, kh-1

Found small white grains in the gravel. When put into vinegar, they fizz like an alkaseltzer.

The moral of the story,

1) Floramax midnight is inaccurately advertised. It DOES affect ph.
2) Apparently so does the petrified wood to a somewhat lesser degree.

I'm glad my water is soft rather than hard, however what to do to harden it a bit? Being this is my first foray into plants, is basic sodium bicarbonate good enough?

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