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here are some close ups of the cherry shrimp. unfortunately, the best colored one wouldnt hold still long enough for me to take a closer shot, but you can still see the difference.

a few pics of one of the better colored shrimp:

this is one of the less colorful shrimp. i tried to get enough detail to show the difference between the chromatophores. although it looks like the yellow and red are two parts of the same chromatophore, they have different qualities. i have seen some red ones that start out growing red, although it looks like most start out an oranges color, turn red later on then start spreading. im not sure whether the pigment itself is different or if it is just a different quality of the chromatophore that causes them to show different colors. i have seen both colors as lone chromatophores, but they usually occur together, with one appearing to be on top of the other. it seems that yellow is deeper in the skin than red.

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